Retractable Fly screen

The Ultimate in Clarity and Aesthetics for Window Screens
Retractable Fly screen

PJ Retractable screen for windows

You don’t like to be bugged or have bugs at your home, right? However, the insects are the obvious consequence of the varieties of flora and fauna of New Zealand. You can’t despise nature but you can protect your home from the unwanted guests. If you are thinking about insect killers but worried about their impact on your kids and pets, let us tell you that there are ample reasons to be worried. Don’t feel helpless. The most effective solutions are often the simplest ones – like the retractable fly screen and insect screen in Auckland.


A retractable fly screen and insect screen is basically a mesh barrier that is fixed on a frame. The frame enables the barrier to get extended and retracted as required. The extended version can cover a large windows, and prevent insects from entering the protected area. When it is not needed, the barrier can be ‘retracted’ to the frame. Although, when expanded, it will not obstruct the sunlight and air.


Why should you invest in Ecoscreen

Amidst all other product suppliers of retractable fly screens and insect screens in Auckland why you may want to invest in Ecoscreen. We have listed a few points here:

• Block unwanted visitors effectively
• Don’t worry about health hazards that can be the result of chemical-based insect killers
• No need to close your doors and windows and block natural light and air
• Get premium-quality products that ensure longevity and stability in addition to style
• Installation hassle is minimum and that can also be taken care of by us
• Discover the smartest way of keeping insects away
• Get totally customized products according to the size of your doors and windows
• Keep the curb appeal of your home intact.

Enhance your living space with our retractable fly screens and insect screens for windows and doors in Auckland, the ultimate solution for keeping insects at bay while maintaining a seamless and unobstructed view. Our premium retractable fly screens and insect screens provide a stylish and versatile option for windows and doors, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without compromising on aesthetics. With easy installation and smooth operation, our retractable fly screens and insect screens offer convenience and practicality. Browse our range of fly screens products today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance.

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