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ECOSCREEN stands proudly as the premier company in the realm of roll fly screens. As a leading fly screens specialist in Auckland, our unwavering commitment lies in providing superior-quality materials that are specifically tailored to withstand the unique challenges posed by New Zealand’s weather and environment. 

For additional support with fly screens installation in Auckland, we encourage you to reach out to our sister company, WindowArt, located in your area. Together, ECOSCREEN and WindowArt form a formidable alliance, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout your fly screen journey.




Retractable fly screen that is ideal for any type of door or large spanning windows.
Non-tensioned system will allow you to stop the screen wherever you need.
Insect screen not only blocks the insects, but also enhance the interior. Pleated screen is a good example. It can cover up to span of 10-15m and height of 3m.

PJ Retractable​

This is effective way of keeping all pests out without spoiling your home’s appearance. It provides excellent transparent visibility and superior airflow while keeping insects away at the bay.

Magnetic Screen

Formed with quality material, such as flexible PVC strips. Budget friendly option is here. Most people know magnetic screen as DIY however ecoscreen offers it at high quality. Ecoscreen uses 3M VHB tape which will stick on surface without failing. It will be ideal for areas that windows are constantly opened.

Security Door​

 Security is becoming an ever-increasing requirements for home and business.
Secure your house and block the insects at the same time.
If you are looking for screen which offer peace of mind – this is the solution.

Protect our kids from the harmful pests

Let in the fresh air, NOT the crawlies or flies. Ecoscreen, as a leading fly screens specialist in Auckland will keep unwanted visitors out and make sure your place a comfortable and safe home. Biting insects are the ones you have to worry about most. These bugs are dangerous to humans and children alike because they’ll look to you as a food source or as something to attack if threatened.

No one likes flies when cooking

How annoying when a filthy fly sits on your food even before you touch it. Not just us that likes the smell of food. This is the time unwanted flies and insects which have a high-def sense of smell sneak into your house. With our fly screens installation in Auckland, say farewell to the unwelcome presence of flies and revel in a sanctuary free from their buzzing presence

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are fly screen?

Fly screen price vary depending on your choice of style and size of your windows and doors. Our most affordable option starts from $80. Please feel free to send us the measurement for the estimate. 

Can I do installation myself?

No install agent near your area? No problem! Our screen are built to be easy installation. All our screen are fully inspected before dispatch. One of our staff will guide you through how to measure and install. 

Do you charge consultation fee?

We offer 100% free in-home consultation. We have install agents in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. If you are not living not too far from the city there is no petrol charge for our visit. 

What is your lead time?

Most of our screen are assembled in our Auckland branch. It is another big reason that you need to get screen from Ecoscreen. Delivery date vary depending on quantity and your choice. Our goal is to deliver and install within 3-4 weeks time. 

Can I match the joinery colour?

All of our aluminum screen can be powder coated to match your joinery colour. We use local powder coating specialist who offers wide range of colours including Dulux and Interpon. 

Can we avoid drilling?

To minimize or to avoid drilling, If applicable, Ecoscreen uses customized 3M VHB tape that can replace screw fixing.

What is Important?

Quality Control+Install

We provide custom made screen that fits perfectly on your openings. Quality materials are used when manufacturing. All our installers are well trained to ensure every job is done correctly to keep the high standards.

Precise Measurement

Every window has its own little personality. A precise measurement is the key to the quality result so we put our best effort to take into account of the setting and characteristics to product the best result.

Quality Control

Ecoscreen focuses on high quality materials with careful quality-control in our insect screen manufacturing. We are committed to become the client-centred company and creating important values.


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