Magnetic fly screen

The last thing we want in a house is insects. We leave no stone unturned to keep these unwanted visitors from our home. There are many floor cleaners and insect repellents in the market that promise insect entry but what impact do those chemicals have on our health? N number of health problems can be the consequences of such chemical use. Is there any way out? Yes, go for a magnetic fly Screen and insect screen in Auckland.

What are Magnetic Fly Screens?

A magnetic fly screen and insect screen is an example of innovation that ensures no entry for insects without using any chemicals or harmful substances that may create a health hazard for your family. These screens are perfect for any place, residential or commercial and they will keep all insects out of the place without you being worried about the impact. Isn’t that great?

The climate and natural landscapes of New Zealand are beautiful but insects are a big concern for every citizen here. The key reason behind the popularity of magnetic fly Screen and insect screen in Auckland is the protection against insects without compromising the walls with drilling, putting nails, and more. The installation is simple and with Ecoscreen, you will get professional installation.

Premium-quality aluminum profile infused with magnets ensures not only stability but also, remarkable durability, convenience, and safety.

Why Ecoscreen?

There are many providers who offer fixed magnetic fly Screens and insect screen in Auckland. Why Ecoscreen? With us, you will be able to get the most out of this innovative solution for insects.

Discover the perfect combination of convenience and insect protection with our magnetic fly screens and insect screens in Auckland. Designed to keep pesky bugs out while allowing fresh air to circulate, our fly screens offer a practical and effective solution for any window or door. The magnetic closure ensures a secure seal, providing a barrier against unwanted pests. With easy installation and durable construction, our fly screen products are a reliable choice for hassle-free insect control.

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