Pleated Fly screen

The Ultimate in Durability and Aesthetics for Door Screens
Pleated Fly screen door

Pleated Retractable Screen for Doors and Windows

A pleated retractable screen for doors and windows is a versatile screening solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. It features a pleated mesh made of 100% polyester, specifically designed to handle New Zealand weather conditions. This high-quality mesh neatly stacks when not in use. Ecoscreen, in particular, utilizes this 100% polyester quality mesh to ensure durability and performance in the diverse weather conditions of New Zealand.


The curb appeal of a house is essential for all of us. We can’t add anything to our house, that doesn’t go well with the theme of the house or the way it is decorated. However, the increasing number of bugs and pests, irrespective of seasons often compel people to use nets around the house. Of course, the aesthetic gets affected here! And that’s why Ecoscreen has come up with a solution that will serve your purposes without ruining the aesthetic.


A pleated fly screen and insect screen is a more convenient option these days because it can be folded while not in use just like the blinds. Unlike blinds, it doesn’t obstruct the sunlight and air to enter your house. Earlier, the designs were less flexible and the handling was quite a hassle. Ecoscreen’s innovation has made an upgrade to the old fly screens. Our pleated screens feature a unique folding design that allows for easy installation and smooth operation, providing a seamless integration with your windows and doors. Enjoy uninterrupted views and ample airflow while keeping bugs out effectively.


When it is about safety, we have to be extra careful about the material. Many pleated fly screens for doors and windows in Auckland may look fancy, but the material may not be that convincing. Cheap materials may possess the possibility of health hazards. You can’t risk that; you can’t invite fatal diseases to your family while stopping the bugs from coming in. That’s why Ecoscreen always relies on premium materials which are safe for the household. Besides safety, we ensure durability and the best possible look and feel. Crafted from high-quality materials, our Pleated fly screens and insect screens in Auckland combine durability with style, making them a perfect choice for any modern living space. Explore our range of pleated screens and experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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