Our Projects

Poly-pleated Screen

Pleated screen is mainly installed on doors or wide windows. This is the most durable type on retractable system. Pleated Screen is outdoor graded which means it does not matter whether screen is installed inside of your house or outside. It is a non-spring tensioned type which means door can be stopped anywhere you like. Easy access and easy fold.   

PJ Retractable screen

Spring tensioned screen that retract mesh into the cassette when not in used. This is a smart solution that replaces the old fixed screen that are always exposed to the weather, which cuts the life spam of mesh. Less exposed to the weather means less maintenance is required. 

fixed screen (security and magnetic)

Fixed screen types are screen that are non retractable. This often applies to security door, traditional sliding door, hinged type screen and magnetic screen. Fixed screen types are more affordable compared to retractable screen.